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Fugan Canal Lock Facilities [ Nakajima Lock ]

The Fugan Canal Lock Facilities are located roughly at the midpoint of the Fugan Canal. Construction began in 1931 as part of Toyama's city planning efforts and was completed in 1934. The high level of construction technology of the time can be seen throughout the lock chamber, and in 1998 it became the first Showa period [ 1926-1989 ] civil engineering structure to be designated as an important cultural property. The Fugan Canal Lock Facilities are invaluable as one of the few examples in Japan of facilities in good condition around canal locks created as part of city planning efforts. The area around the Fugan Canal's starting point is now extremely popular with residents as the Fugan Canal Kansui Park. Visitors can view cherry blossoms from boats when they are in bloom.

Name Fugan Canal Lock Facilities [ Nakajima Lock ]
Designation level Country Designation classification Important Cultural Property
Type Designation/registration day May 1, 1998
Municipality Toyama City Location 3-2 Uragawara-wari, Nakajimanichome
Ownership/management Toyama Prefecture Member
Structure Era 1930

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