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Former Sawazaki Family Residence

The Former Sawazaki Family Residence was built upstream from the Katakai River between 1854 and 1860, during the late days of the Edo period, and is a distinctive example of traditional housing from the mountainous regions of the area.
The building is constructed entirely from thatched wood, and does not use a single nail. And clean water used in the kitchen and bathroom was drawn from a mountain stream into the inner mizuya [ a room traditionally used to prepare tea ].
The building acts to preserve the style of home that was typical of woodcutters of the era. And in 1973, it was relocated to the grounds of the Uozu Museum of History and Folklore.

Name Former Sawazaki Family Residence
Designation level Prefecture Designation classification Tangible Cultural Property
Type Designation/registration day July 1, 1974
Municipality Uozu City Location 1070 Tenjinyama, Ogawaji [ Uozu City Museum of History and Folklore ]
Ownership/management Uozu City Member
Structure Era Edo period [ mid-19th century ]