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Uozu Buried Forest

The Uozu Buried forest is a large-scale buried forest uncovered when the Uozu Port was excavated for construction in 1930. It is believed that virgin forests [ such as cedar forests ] that used to flourish on land were buried via river flooding around 2000 years ago, falling below the current sea level due to the rise in sea level. The trees in this forest are mainly cedar with some hardwoods, aging 200 to 500 years old, and some even exceeding 1,000. Over 2,000 tree roots were excavated, including some with diameters reaching 4m. Even more trees and roots are thought to remain buried. There is a spring zone extending along the coast of the eastern part of the prefecture. The clean underground spring water prevents the trees from decaying while underground. No other buried forests have retained their original state like the Uozo Buried Forest, giving it extremely high academic value.

Name Uozu Buried Forest
Designation level Country Designation classification Special Natural Monument
Type Designation/registration day August 22, 1955
Municipality Uozu City Location Shakado
Ownership/management Uozu City Member
Structure Era Jomon period to Yayoi period