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Ushijima Lock

Ushijima Lock is a small-scale lock 25 m in length, built around 1934 to adjust water levels between the Fugan Canal and the Itachigawa River. The lock enabled river boats to travel between a roughly 60 cm difference in water levels by opening and closing valves in the submerged portions of the gates. The parts supporting the gates were made of stone for durability and watertightness. The gates themselves were restored as wooden gates based on photos of the original structure. Like Nakajima Lock, an important cultural property built around the same time, Ushijima Lock is one of the highlights of the Fugan Canal that supported Toyama's modernization.

Name Ushijima Lock
Designation level Country Designation classification Tangible Cultural Property
Type Designation/registration day June 25, 2002
Municipality Toyama City Location 16-1 Kibamachi
Ownership/management Toyama Prefecture Member
Structure Era Circa 1934