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Toyama Prefectural Government Main Building

The Toyama Prefectural Government Office was constructed in 1935, as part of a plan to create a new urban area by using earth from the digging of the Fugan Canal to fill an abandoned river bed formed from work performed to straighten the course of the Jinzu River. The building is a four floor government office built with reinforced concrete, reflecting a clear desire to employ materials that boasted then advanced earthquake and fire resistance. Certain sections are also constructed from steel-framed reinforced concrete. During the major air raid upon Toyama in 1945, the city sustained devastating damage, but the office managed to emerge from the fires still standing. It is now a public building that stands as a symbol of the Toyama city planning project that modernized the city's streets during the prewar period.

Name Toyama Prefectural Government Main Building
Designation level Country Designation classification Tangible Cultural Property
Type Designation/registration day August 4, 2015
Municipality Toyama City Location 1-7 Shinsogawa
Ownership/management Toyama Prefecture Member
Structure Era 1935