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Shogawa Goguchi Dam

The Shogawa Goguchi Dam is a reinforced concrete gravity dam that was completed in 1939. Prior to the dam's construction, the Sho River had a significant negative impact upon farmers in the area, providing insufficient water for irrigation during sunny periods, and causing floods during times of heavy rainfall. The Shogawa Goguchi Dam was constructed to address these issues, incorporating sluice gates for service water dispersed along the Sho River, and serving to keep the Tonami plains sufficiently wet. The hydraulic structure is a multipurpose dam with applications in irrigation and the generation of electricity, and has contributed to the modernization of key farm belts within Toyama Prefecture.

Name Shogawa Goguchi Dam
Designation level Country Designation classification Tangible Cultural Property
Type Designation/registration day July 23, 2004
Municipality Tonami City Location Kanaya, Shogawa-machi
Ownership/management Toyama Prefecture Member
Structure Era