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Toyama Denki Building: Main Building and New Wing

The main structure of Toyama Denki Building was completed in 1936 as the prefecture's first full-scale office complex. When it was first built, it is said that the simple and massive reinforced concrete building standing in the middle of a meadow looked like a warship moored to a pier. It was designed for resistance to earthquakes and fire, and survived the major bombing of Toyama in 1945. The historical building is both a symbol of commercial modernization in Toyama Prefecture and a symbol of the city of Toyama's post-war recovery.

Name Toyama Denki Building: Main Building and New Wing
Designation level Country Designation classification Tangible Cultural Property
Type Designation/registration day November 2, 2018
Municipality Toyama City Location 3 Sakurabashidori
Ownership/management Toyama Denki Building Co., Ltd. Member 2
Structure Main building: reinforced concrete, five aboveground and one underground floors with rooftop structure / New wing: reinforced concrete, six aboveground and one underground floors Era Main building completed in 1936
New wing completed in 1956