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Hojozu-hachimangu Shrine’s Tsukiyama Ritual

For the annual fall festival of Hojozu-hachimangu Shrine, a temporary altar called a "tsukiyama" [ constructed mountain ] is built next to an old pine tree. A ritual is then held to summon divine spirits from the sea to the tree. This ritual traces back to an ancient custom of summoning gods from the sea to a tsukiyama during festivals. It is thought to be the origin of "hikiyama" festival floats.

Name Hojozu-hachimangu Shrine’s Tsukiyama Ritual
Designation level Prefecture Designation classification Intangible Folk Cultural Property
Type Designation/registration day January 18, 1982
Municipality Imizu City Location 2-2-27, Hachiman-cho [ 10/2 ]
Ownership/management Hojozu-hachimangu Cultural Property Preservation Association Member
Structure Era