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Shomyodaki Falls

Shomyodaki Falls lies at the end of the Shomyo Rouka [ Shomyo Corridor ], which is formed by the Shomyo River [ originating from the Tateyama Mountain Range ] eroding the welded tuff of the Midagihara Plateau, shaping it into a V. It is Japan's largest waterfall, with a height of 350m divided into four steps. From the top, the steps are 40m, 58, 92m, and 126m high. Its waterfall basin has a 60m diameter with a depth of 6m. These falls are a truly wondrous sight and are also known for their close ties with the Tateyama faith. Stories tell of the roars of its flowing water sounding like a prayer to Amitabha Buddha.
100,000 years back, these falls were located approximately 15km downstream. The water eroded the rock surface moving the falls' position about 10cm a year, eventually reaching its current position. Shomyodaki Falls also has its own uniqueness as an erosional landform. The 500m high Hannoki Falls appears from the left bank of the Shomyodaki Falls from April to July, when the snowmelt water of the Tateyama Mountain Range is abundant. The autumn leaves in Shomyodaki Falls reach full bloom from late October to Early November, dyeing the rocks beside the falls red and yellow, a sight attracting countless visitors.

Name Shomyodaki Falls
Designation level Country Designation classification Scenic SpotNatural Monument
Type Designation/registration day May 29, 1973
Municipality Tateyama Town Location Kokuyurin, Bunazaka, Ashikuraji
Ownership/management Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Member
Structure Era