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Yatsuo Festival Hikiyama

At the annual spring festival of Hachimangu Shrine on May 3rd, six "hikiyama" festival floats from six neighborhoods accompany a portable shrine around town. The hikiyama floats have two stories, with dolls in the top and musicians in the bottom. The musicians play flutes, drums, shamisen and other instruments. This tradition is thought to have started in 1741. At the time, Yatsuo was flourishing as a center for sericulture and Japanese paper production. The gorgeous lacquer work, metalwork, carving and other ornamentation of the hikiyama floats offer a glimpse at the florid culture of the townspeople during this ancient period.

Name Yatsuo Festival Hikiyama
Designation level Prefecture Designation classification Tangible Folk Cultural Property
Type Designation/registration day January 1, 1965
Municipality Toyama City Location
Ownership/management Yatsuo Hachiman Shrine parishioners Member 6
Structure Era

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